Epiphone Valve Senior
Epiphone Valve Senior

Valve Senior, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone in the Valve series.

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peperezikoss 10/28/2010

Epiphone Valve Senior : peperezikoss's user review

" The great sound, and the price ... " a dream!"

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Every lamp, 20 watts
a pair of 6V6 power (typical)
3x 12AX7 prampli in which one dedicates the spring rverbe Please
1 between
Rglages: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, presence, master, Rverb


Tutorial hyper simple
the manual! I pass, Epihone could make a little effort leaves add 1 euro to the price to provide a manual a bit more toff who would give some explanations for beginners
User familiaris with this type of hardware is rgale with all the possibilities offered by the 7 knobs rglages
For my part I work mainly with sounds bright, clean, so it's very fast for an amateur blues or rock I do not give him 15 minutes to find his sound (not pdalier effects connected
The user can confirm replacement of the unit by rverbe longer MODEL
there is room in the box.
For me it is perfect I put my zik rverb on 1.5 / 2 and I get no more than a shell of my sounds as I love them.
I use a Gibson Custom Artisan Lespaul III, an Epiphone ES175 on which I mount 2 P57S Gibson, Epiphone Broadway A with 2 P57S Gibson, A Jazz Django's Selmer ST48 1939 team.
It is a rgal I rediscover my guitars (the HP is the interior is not the fact trang) HP Eminence Lady Luck reproduced with a smoothness gniale string vibrations .


This amp is the "amp that I've been waiting 40 years, I has a` 30-watt amp with Garen trmolo I used a Gibson ES335 TS.
The era n'tait sounds more jazzy then I sold the hardware quality of incomparrable times have changed I am old and I have made a comeback to the music I loved, and vacuum.
That amp! But no amps!, True! Without three bullets that pass on gadget sounds pourraves.
And this little gem that appears on the market at that price!
Rglages my (apartment) for mnager nerves my neighbor:
The gain 9 o'clock, treble 13h, 13h Medler, bass 8am, 9am presence, master 10am rverb 8.5 hours (with my jazz django 1939 Micro ST48 12), and I get notes bright with the small point of attack dorm-style sound is round and the entire spectrum deployments
I reinforce the bass a little with the ES175 and Broadway (a little less cash rson) I wear the bass is 13h and the remaining nickel rglages I adjusted the knobs with guitars.
My lespaul explodes on this amp and I have not finished exploring all the possibilities.
I have not found a single default of sonority


I have this amp for 2 weeks
I have used other amps "fender hot road" HIWATT DR201 "
Is looking for a little amp that I InFocus "Epiphone"
I bought there four months the Senior valve head + cabinet which I am completely satisfied (same sound), you can find the default valve senior combo.
But rcemment by visiting Milonga I saw they had available the combo then I cracked and I bought them 2 me I will need to 40watt or I could link the cabinet with my combo drive for an even rounder
report quality price does not mean anything anymore! how to sell an amp 20watts equipped with an HP Eminence Lady Luck, three lamps prampli two lamps of a power output tranfo tranfo HT 1 + the + box the coating, screws the knob, r resistors, ..... impossible to understand
Ht a transformer for 20/30 watts costing about 65.00 to the same as 3 hp output lamps 2 lamps prampli 12.00 22.00 average power, the shielding of lamps 5x 3.00 the HP 60 Eminence 15.00 approx knob the buttons etc. .... itout wood ....
For my part I have both versions and head combo for under 500 with a sound that I love again the choice would be made quickly.
I recommend this hardware!, Many will be very surprised zikoss the potential of this amp, going to test ...