Epiphone Valve Special
Epiphone Valve Special

Valve Special, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone in the Valve series.

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Phil-Loup 10/26/2007

Epiphone Valve Special : Phil-Loup's user review


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All lamps, 5W, Class A. ..
A great look trs "Vintage" (if you like ...)
A single channel ...
Gain, Treble EQ Bass Medium, DSP (mutable), Reverb, Volume, Standby ...


Yeah, that's the problem though, on this amp, turn buttons, otherwise well nase ...
The manual is not used much if you already have an amp lamp on hand.
The DSP is not nothing, especially since it causes a espce blowing / whistling trsdsagrable, the delay is just drinking the chorus and flanger are of quality rather mdiocre. .. Epiphone sir but thought to put a button to transfer the thing is, the right ide of this amp ...


When I reu this amp, I have my branch Strato I allowed to warm one minute, I put all the buttons noon mut DSP, and l. .. I told myself, could I be deceived ..? I dare not even talk about her like so much to do ... nothing!
... Here on this amp, you really play with all the buttons if you want to have sound ... APRS refining rglages actually, we get the typical sound lights, lots of harmonics in the sound clear, natural reverb, and adding gain, a crunch almost too fast ... but my Strato it quite dynamic microphones, so I ask and I attack with my bte the Tl .. and your exact becomes downright nice, only one remains in a record-Jazzy-Bluesy Rocky but definitely not metal ... I try to go with my Gretsch ... Woof ..! P..! The timber was sent! Voil-ty that would take almost j'me for Brian Setzer! S j'exagre good, but have plugged my APRS Ibanez AF75, I confirm that this little amp is made to play with a half-body ... I try an acoustic, after two minutes I can see that the two are not made for each other ... And with my old Westone "Concorde" with big humbuckers, I confirm that the microphones do gure pchus too ... Yet on the Gretsch ... but this guitar is a case from ...


Unless you use a rack of effects, this amp lacks versatility, but that's not what I asked. I had the opportunity to test the competition in the same register, Ibanez, Fender, Peavey (very good) ...
They are worth all, I fell for the Epiphone for its looks and its price (I got 175 Euros)
If I had not dja everything you need for scne, I never made the purchase, I wanted a small all-tube in order to operate the home, MODEL is suited for this purpose, it is not so small a, but do not use it on a scne without the transplant and getting in return, while at a bar, not too big ...