denied 07/31/2011

Fender Blues Junior : denied's user review

« The perfect little Blues rig »

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- 15 watts
- All tube
- 1x12 speaker
- Fat Switch
- Spring Reverb
- Self biasing
- El84 powered
- Eminence speaker
- Controls for bass, middle, treble, pre and post gain
- Solid State rectifier
- Single Channel


Great marks for usability. Small and lightweight, easily carried around. Yet loud enough that I’ve seen them used unmicced for small outdoor gigs. You get pretty much just the features you need at a great price. A full 12 inch speaker, spring reverb, pre and post gain controls, and a full 3 band EQ. The amp is self biasing so you don’t need to worry about taking care of that, all you’ll need are a matched pair of EL84s.
I’ve seen some reliability issues with these; they aren’t as durable as vintage Fenders. But for the most part they hold up pretty well.


It sounds great! Pretty easy to roll into overdrive at 15 watts. Yet you can still retain a pretty clean signal at reasonable volumes should you want to. It isn’t going to get you a classic Twin or Bassman sound, but is something new, a light bluesey OD as the name suggests. Can get anywhere from glassy to gritty, and the reverb is a nice touch. The Eminence speaker is supposed to be pretty close to a Legend, modified by Fender. The NOS versions come with Italian Jensen speakers.


The perfect little Fender combo. Probably one of Fenders best innovations in the last few decades. I’ve seen these used in all kinds of applications, they make perfect bedroom/college dorm amps, yet still have enough power on tap for jams and concerts. The best part is, they can be had used for around $300 which is almost a steal considering what it is. I’m not a fan of many current production amps, but they really did a great job with this one, I find myself recommending it regularly.