Fender Champion 600 [2007-2012]
Fender Champion 600 [2007-2012]

Champion 600 [2007-2012], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Champion series.

fuzzstone 02/15/2011

Fender Champion 600 [2007-2012] : fuzzstone's user review

«  Simple but good »

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Adorable All tube amp with a superb leatherette coating including the handle, two inputs High & Low, a volume knob and a switch ON / OFF.
End of control panel. Oh yes, a big red light when the switch is ON.
1 ECC83 in preamp and a 6V6 power. Made in Asia recess saw the price where it is displayed.
A tiny HP 6 'to give voice and that's all.
Nickel finish, I'm hitting a good number? I do not know.
An exceptional value for money for those who like his Fender.
A good 8 / 10 deserved.


Ben, should not be out of St. Cyr to have a good sound, it is there right away, even at low volume, the light is extra.
It agrees rather well Overdrives (TS9, plexitone and OCD), the Fuzz (Big Muff) not really. No big distortion at home, so I do not know how he behaves with this, but I guess it's not really his thing.
Good to know, very very hard to crunch the beast! With simple, almost impossible task, with double, you really send it! Knob was 12 and still, it's still shy. ... Even the SG rowed on this one! There's the explosion and big ceramic gets there before the switch ...
9 / 10 because even very simple and ideal for doing what it was designed, namely repeat at home, little buddy see beef between small gig in a bar in a pinch.


there's only sound, it is clear, it is beautiful and with a small OD is downright great!
Bluesy at will, he viciously slap with Dano pro, but his favorite guitar is the Riviera.
Sound warm, velvety, light chorus between the two and that is happiness.
For a more bold, I plug an OD between the guitar and the amp and it rolls.

Config favorite when I'm on the go, the fender, the junior and the ancient home of UE 300 Ibanez. The clear sound of the fender just raised a slight chorus (CS9) and that the fact bluntly ... for more fishing, j'enclenche the TS9 and there, it severely burnt fat!
For the solos, the CP9 and j'enclenche zou, just the boost needed to grow the OD as it should.

Of course, this has nothing modern, minimalist and ultra is the grain that comes out is very vintage, so for those seeking a modern sound, or full-grain effect or different, it is surely not the most suitable amp.

In addition, its small HP's still pretty limited, pushed to its limits, it tends to vibrate slightly. On mine as soon as I go over three quarters (already strong in the apartment ..).
8 / 10 deserved


Voila, super amp flat, simple, well built, well-focused, beautiful sounds, agreeing rather well the OD and other chorus, ideal for work at home, or walk this lightweight.
Before I carried a 30W lamp to go play with some mates and weight issue, it is day and night ...!
So, yes, very happy with this little creature, he accompanied me for almost two years, nothing special to report, it works like new.
Both entrances are well proven in practice a day or a mate, the amp is loose, and neither one nor two, connects to the champion and full ahead!
Ok, the sound was not sublime, but in his dining room was better than passable.
and with hindsight, I would resume without a doubt.
A good 8 / 10 overall.