Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb [1993-Current]
Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb [1993-Current]

'65 Deluxe Reverb [1993-Current], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Deluxe Amp series.

titi314 08/03/2008

Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb [1993-Current] : titi314's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
T says it all prcdemment.


The setup is really simple trs.
SETTING THE correcting the limited volume, treble and bass on channel 1 and ditto on channel 2 which is added a reverb knob and two knobs to DDIS vibrato (speed and intensity.

What surpend on, it is the precision of which potentiomtres rgissent Fawn trs net the slightest touch.
Clearly to refine the sound should not go the ladle as two drops are enough!

This is a 22 watt but be careful it is strong!

For weight, it is 19 kg which makes it easily transportable.

The fact is that unlike many amp lamps, even when it is possible to play low volume apartment, getting a beautiful sound "tube".

I put 9 because for me 10 means perfect and nothing is ever ...


The sound? Well, it's the whole intrt of this model: AMAZING!

I use it with a "Start Over" with Gold Lace Sensor pickups primarily in blues-rock records and we are in the field of prdilection.

The clean sound is beautiful crystalline wish, but always vibrant with a nice warm sound.
However, the precision is such that all errors will play just as noticeable, so the gaffe hiccups!

The HP Jensen trsractif shows, with a tendency to produce many highs, which requires good rgler the knobs for not sound "loud".
I speak sr for use with a team of strat single coils although sr ...

The headroom is IDAL, making the Accessibility assistive certainly possible, but the crunch sound volumes trs important, so watch your ears.
For those who can use such a volume is the total growing! Or it will go through a attnuateur power.

Some regret that there is no channel saturated plutt but I see this as a good thing because we had left the choice of saturation that is desired by the bias including hundreds of various pedals and varied that exist today.

Personally I use a TS9 and the sound is really gnial.
As against this amp does not like the Fuzz, so try before buying (I had to sell a super fuzz pedals for that reason).

The vibrato channel is great but with a lightweight breath, but nothing mchant ...

I think this amp is really versatile to play all styles of music except Hard, Metal, etc.. for which there is not Designed.

So I put 9 regardless of some distorted sounds, as well is to cel


What to say about this sound?
This is a truly exceptional combo that will fill many guitarists that play in registers Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc..

I had several lamps amp (Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb 50W and 40W Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) and I possde it for eight months.
At the outset I think I will not change.

Compared to my old Hot Rod Deluxe, no photo.
Indeed, the Hot Rod as a super dj amp (even when it's a standard) we quickly realized that with the Deluxe Reverb is played in another court with more than "everything".
The Difference in weight and there is also still the Deluxe Reverb is a good compromise with 19 kg.

In any reputable her fawn is really more to do, and then it's not for nothing that the rdite, eh!

In addition, it is usable low volume making it a versatile amp apartment, rptition, concert, it can just never be put to default!

In short, excellent report qualitprix: price of around 1000 on the internet!

A small BMOL, FENDER does not provide protective cover, which is easy on the internet: Approximately 25.

I put 9 always for the same reasons!