Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212

Hot Rod DeVille 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Hot Rod Deville series.

t-tuxx 11/24/2003

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 : t-tuxx's user review


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This is an all-tube amp (and Groove Tube please!) Amp and preamp are therefore both teams. Let me tell you a Fender Combo 60W GT equipped with lamps that sounds powerful. This model is available in two configurations speakers: four HP 10 ", two 12" (that's what I chose). Anyway, once purchased, it is always possible to connect it to other speakers, which greatly increases its volume. For example, imagine two 12 "standard coupled with a 4X12 cabinet" Mesa Boogie, waouwww!
On the upper side of this two-channel combo found connetctique a comprehensive and settings: two instrument inputs (high and low impedance), one volume per channel, a gain setting for the channel full, a three-band equalizer located upstream of the distortion, it is affected by adjustments to it (note, however, that this equalizer is common to both channels, damage), a setting of reverb, presence control, a bright switch (very effective), a switch "more drive" (over saturation), an effects loop and a plug for the foot-switch provided with two buttons, phew!
In summary, this combo is powerful and complete; only downside: there is no separate EQ for each channel but hey, it simplifies the settings ...

Ah yes, the beast is its weight and the carrying handle may well be convenient and comfortable ... wheels have been welcome!


The two-channel combo and a half of this premium will delight fans of her hot, very hot (Blues, Rock, Jazz etc.).. For all one big distortion overdrive, like TS-9, will still be welcome. This amp is very versatile and reacts very differently when you play on a guitar equipped with this or microphones.


The sound is clear the best vintage Fender (that is saying a lot) and sounds "pitcher" and distos justifies the name of this hot-rod all-tube, is "fat" is hot, the harmonic spring around (his real blues-rock), we immediately feel play in the big leagues.


I love this amp, it offers a real Fender for less than € 1400! 'll Always see in a few serious competitors ... the hot-rod Deville is certainly the best in its class!

Yeah, this monster has the defects of his qualities: the lamps is fragile, it must therefore be handled with delicacy. This combo is just as strong, tireless and faithful, it will follow you around as long as you have sufficient strength to carry it!

In the worst case, mount it on wheels and ... ROLL YOUTH!