Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996]
Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996]

Blues Deluxe [1994-1996], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Deluxe series.

marcofromtheshot 09/02/2014

Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996] : marcofromtheshot's user review

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Old Fender tube covered with tweed super class. Of the mouth, and sound!


Two channels: clear and overdrive. A footswitch pout switch from one to another. The overdrive "To Ten" is a delight and the right sound is here and now, no problem. But beware: this is an amp that can not play softly, barely turned the volume it sends puree is made for it and he does it very well. To play at home a tip: take a volume pedal or, like me, a little overdrive "bad monkey" which has the advantage of having a direct output volume, very practical, high quality.


it is perfect for any style of music, is able to swing clear of absolute purity sounds. The overdrive is beautiful and it fits comfortably shock if you put him a big distortion of metal. However, the metalheads may prefer Marshall or Mesa. I play it with a strat, tv, jackson HH, and whatever the config, the sound is impeccable, clean, solid, malleable, nuanced. Bliss.


Fender Blues Deluxe purchased at Pigalle one day when I miraculously fell over when he had just arrived. The sheet metal has not even had time to put a label: I try, I said, "I'll be back in an hour," I went to get my Jazz Chorus and presto, the exchange was made, and I not regret it. Even today, I think it is the best amp I've ever had. Recently I played a reissue, it's nice but it's not the same; I prefer my old thing.