Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996]
Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996]

Blues Deluxe [1994-1996], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Deluxe series.

fredcaster 08/19/2011

Fender Blues Deluxe [1994-1996] : fredcaster's user review

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Ben is a tt lamps, 40W etc etc,,,;


Like all the amps, just ask dd fingers on guitar necks, open their ears, and look a little what we want! Once you get the basic sound desired, Tampering notrmalement little more and everything is going ...


Musically, I play everything on it, assuming that it is for me to adapt and not the reverse, as my scratch him were merely "tools" ... For info and to be honest I changed the bowl there are close to 10 years for Celes Vintage 30 and it made much more "air" to the sound of the amp ...


I use it since 1999, knowing that it is stamped 1993, and frankly I love it! Tried the Hot Rod Deluxe when it came out and frankly I would preferr my BluesDeluxe, which I find much more friendly. ..