Fender Blues DeVille 212
Fender Blues DeVille 212

Blues DeVille 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Deville series.

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Flat 06/25/2007

Fender Blues DeVille 212 : Flat's user review


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See below


See below


This is the purest rich clear sound that I heard
it is clear the soft reverb is beautiful and filled the room well
it is blues in the name and the roundness but I read it very apreciated guitarist of country picking and electric ca be understood
crunch is the crunch blues niquel but do not expect distortion of this amp


I have over 5 years he succeeded Marshall is a radically different but I can no longer do without the reverb and the clean
I just bought on a whim after that we'll have one ready for a concert but I do not regret one second it's a great amp