Fender Blues DeVille 212
Fender Blues DeVille 212

Blues DeVille 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Deville series.

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MGR/Lee Anderson 12/28/2007

Fender Blues DeVille 212 : MGR/Lee Anderson's user review

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I have been playing guitar for as long as I dare to remember. Been a working musican for 10 years. I use vintage guitars from Fender and Gibson. I'm not a big fan of distortion. Country, jazz and blues is my cup of tea..

I bought it used at the local musicstore back in -97

I have always prefered the sound of 10" speakers, and if you got four of them in an openback combo, you will be heard on any stage. The clean sound is not as sweet and full of character as the old Bassman 59', but I've think that it makes the amp more versatile.

This amp is VERY heavy!
The drivechannel is useless!
(then again, I don't like distortion..)

My amp is over 12 years old and has never let me down and I use it every day! But I change the tubes once every other year and my guitartech treats it like a baby..

I have tried just about all 4/10" combos on the market. For a classic clean tone that is suitable for any situation this amplifier is as good as it gets for the money.

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