Fender Blues DeVille 212
Fender Blues DeVille 212

Blues DeVille 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Deville series.

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MGR/Anonymous 06/25/2001

Fender Blues DeVille 212 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this amp at a local music shop on sale for $650. I was looking for a cool tube amp and I loved the tweed finish on this bad boy.

First of all it sounds great. The clean channel is so sweet and bluesy. I play a Les Paul Standard and it is a great match for the tone of the amp. The drive channel is pretty good too if you mess with all of the knobs. Is definately not a heavy metal drive channel. The vintage tween finish is very cool looking!

I'd really like a bit more drive but that's not what this guy was made for and exactly what stop boxes were made for. It also weighs a TON!! It is VERY loud, to get some of the sweeter sounds you have to crank it up. People 3 states away can hear it when you do that. I've never had it over 5 and it goes to 12.

This thing is SOLID. It had better be, it weighs over 70 pounds. It has faired very well with 5 years of use and little damage

I almost sold this for another amp with more kick-a distortion but I couldn't part with it. The clean channel is to die for. If you are looking for great looks and vintage bluesy sounds with enough power to peel paint off the walls, this is the amp for you.

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