Fender Blues Junior III "Woody Mahogany"
Fender Blues Junior III "Woody Mahogany"

Blues Junior III "Woody Mahogany", Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Junior series.

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need music 12/28/2015

Fender Blues Junior III "Woody Mahogany" : need music's user review

« Beautiful, lightweight, good sounding! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I had a fender hot rod deluxe III - Wine Red Tan Limited Edition. It was the perfect amp for me and the music I like but it was too heavy for my aching back...
So I had to change, but I wanted the typical clean fender sound so I turned to this blues junior III with a great Mahogany finish, really beautiful!

I have all effects in my pedalboard so this single channel amp was enough for me, the reverb is great and so are the tone settings. You can get a clean sound with enough power to play with a band, which was one of my original concerns when switching from a 40W amp to a 15W.
Its only flaw to me is that the smaller speaker format doesn't take big fuzz/distortions, I have the dwarcraft "eau claire thunder" (which I love) and it's now without a job... So this amp wasn't designed for big/heavy sounds in the likes of hard rock or beyond. The low end is not so bassy either, not so round...

I haven't used it at a show yet but I assume it'll have to be mic'ed up...
Have a nice time playing!