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Berzin 06/06/2009

Fender '57 Deluxe : Berzin's user review


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The '57 Deluxe is a fairly faithful reissue of the original amp 50s. This is a 1x12 all-tube combo (2x12ax7, 5Y3, 2x6v6), as the 5e3 circuit in the late 50s. It has two speaker outputs, into 8 ohms, an off switch and a dedicated stand-by. Developing 12 watts, this amp has two separate channels (mic and inst.), Each with two inputs and a volume. An equalizer in a band common to both channels completes the package. So very simple. Note that the internal wiring is done with old, point by point. So we are dealing with a range of heights of current Fender (Custom Shop series). The cab is solid pine and hp is a Jensen P12Q alnico magnet. A good point: the amp is light as a feather, with just 11.5 kilograms on the scales! It's very nice for transport. It comes with a canvas cover lightly.
The aesthetic is gorgeous lacquered tweed.


Given the limited adjustability, it is hard to go wrong. The manual is comprehensive and Fender made the effort to translate it into French, it's rare enough to be stressed. In contrast, HP is taken very accessible, so it is difficult to disconnect to use another hp or a cab outside.

A confusing element: the race of the volume knobs. Below 2 (out of 12), we hear absolutely nothing, to 6, there is virtually fully, the rest of the race of the potentiometer does not add the gain. Despite its relatively modest power, not the amp I would recommend an apartment.


The sound is absolutely terrible. This is an excellent Fender. It is very dynamic and slammed while being warm and velvety. The stamp is also very sensitive to the game the plectrum or fingers, you get a wide variety of sounds. Moreover, despite the few settings, you can still spend time to adjust:
-The tone knob is very effective, adds gain in the end of his race.
-It is possible to use both channels through an A / B box.
-Of course we can bridge the inputs, which increases the gain and changes the tone.
We can get sounds pretty brilliant or very warm.
With the volume, the amp compresses more (it also comes from HP) and crunch quickly, fortunately, low input impedance, can compensate a bit, especially with a Gibson.
I did what I advise Fender, I replaced the 12AX7 in V1 by 12ay7, lamp fitted to the original Fender 50s. Result, the gain is much lower, running the potentiometer becomes exploitable. So, I do not understand why Fender does not fit the original lamp.
If HP does not offer a very high yield, the volume is still respectable. If the batter hits it will be too limited in its clear, but the interest of such natural amp is the crunch. Some users Celestion Blue Alnico a rise, to get a higher volume of sound, but the weight and price are also increasing.

Like most Fender, it responds very well to pedals, including overdrive. Finally, diffusion is exceptional, the case of solid pine and sounds that the sound is absolutely not "boxy" as many 1x12 combo.

I use a Fender Start Plus, Gibson LP R6, R8, Standard, an SG Classic, an ES135 and a 335.


I use it for two months. I had the opportunity to test it on stage in small groups. It is ideal for this use, compactness, weight and moderate power, his ability to make the pedals are a very good amp for small gigs and other jam. Amps, I had many, it is in the lead. Before buying it, I hesitated with the Princeton 65, whose clean sound is excellent. The latter remains pure as long, but its crunch is enough fuzz. You have to love. The '57 is more bluesy, particularly because of its recovery tube and its finish is a bit above (no box that vibrates).

The quality is very high, the price also, I think there should be a little cheaper. For my part, I was lucky to get a slightly cheaper price. There are copies in Victoria, Bruno or kits (Tube Amp Doctor), I do not know their quality.