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Fender Excelsior
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wizardofoz wizardofoz

«  Even the jazz ... it's huge »

Publié le 03/03/13 à 04:02
Tube amp 13 w bowl with 15''. Warning: power far greater than what you might think (combination lamp and 15 inch)

Few settings: volume, treble boost or not tremolo. No standby. Solid construction, good fit for the 100% Chinese. Beautiful finishes ... for the price

Many places to make changes, everything is easily accessible (look on the net).


3 buttons ... the manual little interest. Sound: what a sound! halfway was a clear but with more lamps, light drive at 11am.

I use it with either a 7-string epiphone the pal (set jazz neck pickup tona close to zero, strings flat nets) or with a 66 day epi casino with P90 thomastick of time and J13.

I took it because I wanted to try a tube amp for jazz, I usually play on polytone 80s, legendary jazz.

I added 2 things: 1 reverb pedal basic but very effective (the space of shade elypse mode 10h on two spring settings for a killer price) and AN ESSENTIAL POWER ATTENUATOR oversized craft and runs very well to play indoors and grow lamps. HP is easily detachable (although a little short cable) no welding or anything to do.


For the Jazz, it is perfect. The sound is warm, sweet, complies with the attacks, and the dark tone ideal. Not need to change anything (sf + reverb pedals mentioned attenuator). The bowl 15 sends enormous, the 7th string (given in A) sounds enormous.

I did not try distortion, I feel it saturates vintage fashion, this is the goal ... The tremolo is not bad, but I gain nothing.

Was no video on youtube jazz mode, or really awful. Try the test is really better than the other fender to 3 times cheaper!


I use it for 2 months. The guy who sold it to me, like many others, has little use for "too powerful" for apartment paris. There are quite a few who sell cheap (200 euros) for this reason. Provide reverb (60 euros) and attenuator 50w (45 euros craft, we find by looking around. Taking heat for not oversized). So for 310 euros you end up with a tube amp 15 'fender with reverb and attenuator! that sounds ... and playable apartment (and also repet not yet tried). And more beautiful it is!

A view over time. Fender for the info recovery with "colors" and various Weber 15 'by increasing the price ... In fact they created their own competition ...

Only flaw: it is quite heavy, it is a tube amp ... not easy to carry around. Maybe add casters and leveling legs fender.
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