Fender Super-Sonic  22 Combo
Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo

Super-Sonic 22 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Super-Sonic series.

GregVal 02/27/2014

Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo : GregVal's user review

«  Great sound but very poor reliability! »

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Combo 22W lamps (3x12AX7, 2x12AT7, 2x6V6).
1 HP Fender 12 ", effects loop, 2 channels. The clean channel is double and everything is selectable foot (2 clear channels, the drive channel, effects loop and reverb).
The weight is quite reasonable and cover is provided.
Among the regrets: no Master Volume, HP mini 8 ohm output (while the internal HP is already 8 ohms ...) and especially the sloppy construction (see the thickness of the panels behind the lamps and HP for example ...). As for reliability it is grossly inadequate (see overall opinion below).


RAS Everything is childish. The manual is not necessary, really can not get any easier. For my part, I put all the knobs at noon to try it and it already sounded ... It remains only to turn a bit the buttons to get everything you want.


It's very simple, this amp sounds what we do. 2 ultra clean sounds are complementary (although there is a slight increase in the level of the clean channel by engaging the Fat mode).
The 2-band EQ is absolutely not a problem and the range of clean tones is quite impressive. Play Funk? OK. Blues? No problem. Reggae? Without worry. I bet jazz it also works.

As for the Burn channel (saturated so) it has 2 gains waterfall and a 3-band EQ. The hardest? Choose from the available sounds ... You can go to a blues sound becomes clear that the volume of the guitar to sound ultra saturated, very stoner, metal if you want ... anything is possible. Strictly speaking the ultimate metal fans will probably go through an external pedal but I'm not an expert of style.

Anyway I do not put "only" 9/10 because I now a SuperSonic FSR 22 with a Celestion Greenback, which sounds even better!


The trouble with the SuperSonic, this is not the sound, it's to make it work ...
The construction is really sloppy, but especially electronics is really light. Still happening on the "natural" breath of the amp. While it is light but annoying (hear his tremolo modulation in the loop while the guitar volume is at zero ...)
The most problematic is especially the "POP" to change channel (saturated to light) which is unacceptable ... 2 amps tested 2 different years and the same problem appears. With a delay in the effects loop, it was downright pop in the delay ... Unbearable.
However, I must be lucky, my amp reverb working properly ... Anyway, direct back to the store and finding the presence of the same problems on several SuperSonic in stock, new and used. Fender must ABSOLUTELY react.
In summary, if you want to buy this amp, go for it for the sound, but TRY IT BEFORE YOU ABSOLUTELY!