Fender Super-Sonic  22 Combo
Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo

Super-Sonic 22 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Super-Sonic series.

CT-64140 06/04/2014

Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo : CT-64140's user review

«  Especially try the copy you purchase! »

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Ultra-simple configuration. A manual? FOr what?
In principle, this amp is a dream get crystal clear sounds and fenderiens can also get a good dose of distortion more or less compressed, with all intermediate crunch possibilities ... And all this with the most disconcerting ease of adjustment And furthermore ... with an amazing ability for a 22W to send Decibel Ha ... yes it is a dream!
Unfortunately, for me, the dream did not last very long! (See below)


This amp is very versatile, even if it is clear sounds very typical Fender. All sound palettes that offer is tempting. But ... But ...


IN early 2013, I was in the space of two weeks and 2 Supersonic my adventure with them lasted Altogether 3 weeks!
The first Supersonic:
- A lot of breath (yes, I know a tube amp it blows But there huffs and puffs!.!)
- As soon as you pushed the reverb more than 2, it produced an internal feedback (even unplugged guitar -> it was not a return induced by scratching) obviously transcribed by a huge Larsen on HP that only the extinction of the device could interrupt - microphonics problem, I think.
- Same with the volume of the clean channel: volume above 3-4 amp déjantait and went into monstrous Feedback! exactly thesame problem with the reverb

This amp, a week after purchase, I was therefore exchanged by the vendor.

All happy I get my second Supersonic ... Hahahahaha:
- It was not the wind, but a real tornado on channel 2! Accompanied by snoring + sizzling making this channel unusable
- Same problem internal feedback that the first Supersonic, but this time with the loop! totally unusable since he began to make feedback as soon as the volume effects were no longer connected to 0!
- An explosion sound (I do not not exaggerate the "cluck" more or less strong we hear on some amps!) To change the channel.
- Creaking noises from the clean channel volume 3

Discouraged, I take this second supersonic saying: never Supersonic! But this said with a twinge, because ultimately:
if this amp was able to function,
would have been a dream amp!

And traditional control labels accompanying the amp made me laugh. Fender controls are the next morning evening of great cooked?

I have read a lot of forums French, American, German and opinions regarding the Supersonic are very mixed, very good but also very many testimonies of troubles with this material.
In principle, this combo is attractive. But it seems to suffer (from what I've read, but it remains to check: what I say is not proof) of a design flaw on the one hand and quality conditions very random production.
I suggest you try a long copy you purchase from every angle in order to uncover any defects. ;-) For example: An attempt to do: put the reverb at 5 with a low volume amplification, scratch your guitar, unplug it immediately and simultaneously increase the volume on the amp.
Maybe Will you be one of those buyers who met swear by the Supersonic? This is not my case!
Instead of this super Supersonic, I offered a Egnater Rebel Combo 112 (close enough in my opinion the spirit of Supersonic) and everything works! Owl: it was not my brain that produced internal feedabcks in Fender! hahahahah