Fender Super-Sonic  112 Combo
Fender Super-Sonic 112 Combo

Super-Sonic 112 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Super-Sonic series.

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Bluesy251 10/08/2011

Fender Super-Sonic 112 Combo : Bluesy251's user review

«  FENDER is down,,, quality »

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This month, I decided to sell my VOX AC30, too heavy and reconnect with FENDER-So I orient myself to the SuperSonic 60w, amp for a certain class, remembering the qualities of the Prosonic - The box also reminds Blonde amps vinager - The connectors are very well thought out with a handy insert effects - Lamps Groove tubes are too dry for my taste, to replace or Tungsol Mullard - The Clestion Vintage 30 is the easy way powerful, cheap, but not like Fender, or are the good old Eminence ..


The settings are simple to perform, the reverb is usually, but Fender - The manual should be good when we give you a - the sound is rather flat and packed everything for an amp to 1400 euros,,, it hums in all the corners,,, required to hold the vibrato to reduce the noise,,, even empty, just the cable, it's terrible snoring,,, impossible to record with this amp - My Vox AC30 was almost 40 years and did not snore at all short-Major regret ...... I will make this amp which is technically a failure


I will not answer these questions, only after repair.


I bought it three days before,,, I can not redeem more than Fender, but one former was still manufactured