Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo
Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo

PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fryette Amplification.

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dirtyfinger 04/24/2010

Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo : dirtyfinger's user review


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tube amp,
between hi and low
effects loop switch with hi and low.
DLivre power 50 watt EL84
3 12AX7 preamp lamps for party
1 12AX7 lamp for effects loop or reverb is spring, I did his most (I would document and rditerait thereafter)
1 grinder lamp.
the mine and just a team of 12 hp poucede 100watts.
an equalizer for each channel, so severe acute mdium for both channels.
1 and 1 switche switche edge shift for each channel (edge, which acts on the medium-high band and shift the medium seriously, ca inflates the sound in the wholesale tape)
1 boost for each channel.
1 gain controls for the drive channel (crunch / distortion)
has forgotten so I went out for 2 hp, 4, 8, 16 ohms
is a spring reverb.
very comprehensive brief, it lacks more than the pizza oven and fridge has beer, is what will niquel for long rpette.


then the config is very simple, not a tortill I do not know or.
heating is turned on fact, we should, impeccable, it affects more ^^.
yes it is easy to get a good sound.
Manual ???? ca sert ???? however, good or I bought the Cygnus, and the guy did not have the manual, but not good sincerely helpful.


adaptea completely what I play (rock / metal), but still versatile (a sauce when even was the one sacred character, the pitt ^^)
on the clean channel, by engaging the bright button or shift, it has to be crystal clear sound or the shift a little rounder fat, short drilling a low volume the amp crunch begins algrement the clean.9 / 10 for the clean channel
the drive channel, perfect for rock / metal, it has a sacred grain and madness dynamics (I said and adding a 1x12 cabinet closed at msieur Fryette, just to get a better seat in the bass) ,dropoff window
basically, on the between low, we can go from blues to rock,
between the high, we will rock to hard rock, and when it starts the boost, there is a gain supplmentaire only feature which allows us to go to the Mtal aisment .dropoff window
short sound VHT / Fryette has a rel a crazy personality dynamics, just enough fat, and very accurate.
you would have realized that I am a fan and I would not change it for the world this amp.
after as discussed below, one likes or dislikes, tastes and colors as they say huh.


I use it for 8 months, I had an issue with (most condo op amp that had lch), in short not especially dramatic that after a lot of people like creatures remains reliable, m 'Finally, I would see with time.
by rant against, your product using the sav Fryette / VHT, which mad a bit, when you send them a mail.
which rpondent with incredible slowness and in addition a cot in the plate.
short not serious.
I have not tried other models, I tried the pitt in particular, is I DAHR immediately sound, blow lil heart what.
i can not make him some reproach even when it is heavy, but as they say over an amp and heavy over a good sign (transformation of quality especially).
aesthetically it not jackytouch ^^.
is then revrb a spring is good for some style, I like but no more (all depends on the style played mostly).
8/10 brief, yes the sav Fryette deserves to be better gr.