Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo
Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo

PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fryette Amplification.

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iamqman 09/29/2011

Fryette Amplification PittBull Fifty/Twelve Combo : iamqman's user review

« Nice amp if they are still around »

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VHT amplification has switched to what's called Fryette amplification. So this amplifier was built when it was still called VHT. I think it's a company now has taken over the name and property rights of the logo VHT so this amp is no longer available under this name. So if you need to find one you're going to have to find used or go with the new Fryette amplifiers which are basically the exact same thing.


This amplifier features two channels a clean and a distortion channel. You get EL34 tubes and three 12aX7 preamp tubes. There's also boost, edge, and bright switches for both channels. This amplifier has a ton of high gain on tap as you would've expected from this company. VHT is known for their ultra mega heavy loaded distortion and saturated tones. So this amp can get you a very thick chugging tone. The clean is nice as well but this amp lives in the gain zone.


The clean on this amplifiers pretty good and which is surprising because most amplifiers I have multiple channels usually do one good thing right and suffer in other departments. Since the VHT is known for there distortion and high gain amplifiers you would expect maybe that the clean channels would lack a little bit. However this clean channel sounds very good and articulate. Almost like a nice standard clean amplifier. Of course the distortion is great classic on its own.


This is a great little amplifier if you can find when used its 50 W of power and you get to solid sounding PE 50 eminence speakers. This gives a great punchy tone and couple that with a nice tube reverb and you got a great combo amp for gigging or recording. If you can find one of these amplifiers and use market for decent price and I suggest picking it up because it's a great versatile amp for any type of musician.