Gibson GA 15RV Goldtone
Gibson GA 15RV Goldtone
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MGR/baheath 11/03/2003

Gibson GA 15RV Goldtone : MGR/baheath's user review

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Bought the unit used for 500.00 in Omaha, Nebraska at Schmidt Music. I play a lot of blues and this amp had GREAT tone.

As I said, the amp has superb tone and the reverb is as good as any I've heard. Its also touch sensitive and really lets you be very expressive which is obviously very important with the Blues. Its also a very simply built without a lot of bells and whistles which could be a drawback for some. But if you're looking for great tone, its your amp. My overdrive pedal through it makes me want to smoke a cigarette it sounds so good. Don't let the 15 watts fool you either. Those are 15 class A tube watts! It can rock!!!

Its a pricey amp but it is worth it. I just wish they would include the pedal to turn off and on the reverb and not charge me an additional $30.00. I also wish the controls were easier to get to. Maybe on top as opposed to on the back. These are minor complaints and I otherwise love it.

Very well constructed with a good "retro" feel to it. Its a bit heavy but all good things come with a price.

If you crave tone and a no frills amp, this is your girl! It ain't fancy, but it will curl your toes because it sounds so good. If you can find a good used one I would snag it up! They are pricey but are worth it even at the new price if you got the cash. These will be classic amps someday and will be sought after.

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