Hiwatt HG50C
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maccaron 02/10/2011

Hiwatt HG50C : maccaron's user review

«  A MUST! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
All Tube: Pre-Amp 12AX7/ECC 3 x 83, 1 x 12AT7
- 2 x EL34 Power Amp

Speaker: 2 * celestion G12K-100 (england)

50 W rocks! but fortunately very manageable thanks to the master of the power amp.

Connectors: - 16,8,8,4 ohms (thus 4 speaker outputs) + a mute switch for the speakers combo
- Footswitch (Channel clean / overdriven and mute)
Effect-loops (send and return)

For my part I have on mine (because I 've not seen pictures on google):
- Loop and reverb footswitch
Speaker-emulation output

façade: master - reverb - level ch2 - presence - treble - middle - bass
Gain (pull for boost) - clean channel button / saturate - level clean (ditto for the bright)
Guitar Input

So really comprehensive and practical: 10!
in addition there is point to point Handmade in England ...


The configuration is simple and intuitive, useful and accurate. One can easily make its settings.
Complies with the sound of the guitar. very smooth and powerful. Crunch simply beautiful and clean recess THE HIWATT is a marvel. Heat lamps is there even with distortion that has a real big sound and even with the boost!
manual? trash.


Then yes! perfect for my style of rock music. versatile while retaining his personality.

BA English sounds, you can spend a very clean sound almost crystalline sounds big and full of fat bass through the crunch the lightest (possible clean).

I am not a fan of bright loses a bit of cream and heat.
The reverb once spent half becomes enormous and pervasive, so we like it or not ..

sound good?! lol you just hear it in real life to realize the potential.
I found him in the sound that suited me I play a gretsch ELECTROMATE equipped with DeArmond.
slap it 's creamy that is accurate and it is good bu it's mine! haha (well I still lol)

While I adore the crunch sound on the clean channel and the overdrive sound with the boost that really adds a warmth and presence like no other.


I tried quite a model, a vox, an orange (which did not give me more clean .. bof saturated draft), a Matamp (better than orange but less saturated clean) etc. ...

What I adore all hours lol its clean personality to die for God and the crunch finally big fat saturated sounds. after all is a matter of taste ...

very good value although still expensive. you pay the quality - handmade England anyway!

make the election again? ho yes!

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