Ibanez TSA30 Combo
Ibanez TSA30 Combo

TSA30 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez in the TSA series.

pajao 08/21/2014

Ibanez TSA30 Combo : pajao's user review

«  Good head »

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It is a head tube, two 12AX7, 2x 6L6
very good connectivity, an FX loop, diferrent output for HP
30W power tube, so its pretty sends, perfect for club and repet.
The controls are a 3Bandes EQ, a gain for the guitar, a general volume, type overdrive with gain, tone and volume


super simple config, very easy to adjust, turn the knobs and playing
Which manual ??


funk, blues rock, sends her a lot, I play with a telecaster and strat, its crunch not bad.
I immediately change the 6L6 power tubes and preamp, so it sounds dramatically better than the origins tubes, which are not bad, but could do better.
For sounds, ranging from light its very clean, big crunch, I used a lot of auxiliary effect, very rarely integrated TS9 which is not great.


I use it for over a year now d1 before j;'ve been TSA15, which was great, sounded very good (with good tube too) but the power was a bit limited, so I opt for the 30W .
It's a good amp, has ep [oque or it was released, it was one of the single tube in this power range, and in this buget to have an effects loop, so I selected this model.
Today many other brands have put into this niche, small power, tube and well equipped.
If I were to change, I first try other models + current.

Overall it's a good amp, it sounds, for the price is good.