Ibanez TSA5 Combo
Ibanez TSA5 Combo

TSA5 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez in the TSA series.

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THE BALD 05/29/2014

Ibanez TSA5 Combo : THE BALD's user review

«  too late, I took the last ... »

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So here is a tube amp with integrated 5-watt tube screamer.
settings: section lamps: setting tone (color on the amp)
volume and a switch to select the Clean channel or tube screamer on the amp. For the tube screamer was a level, a tone and a level of overdrive.
2 lamps animate all in a 10-inch Celestion hp.
2 jacks on the back, one for the footswitch IfSG 1 which lacks since we have 2 channels (but I will not complain, oh no ...), and a jack to connect a speaker at 8 ohms, (not supplied with the combo, WHAT SHAME!, but I still do not complain.) ah yes there is no effects loop or reverb, I burn or I try? good bah I'll try anyway ...


It has a simple almost useless manual, and plug the amp, 2 minutes story that heat lamps are expected, and the settings you start with clear or tube screamer.le the best way to try this guitar is plugged live (gibson sg standard hc).
then yes the configuration is simple and easy to get a good son.il be adjusted to take the time to find what you want sounds like;


Its clear this is relatively fairly neutral, still retains the sound of the humbuckers sg, you can try on different registers, playing with the settings of my shovel, jazz, full chords, arpeggio, it is good that password but not transcendent ... for the tube screamer is another story, although it colors the sound, you can play, rock blues, hard rock see when overdrive is max.Par against such there is a lack of attack with the ts is great for a solo boost, but it would limit to overdrive too clean as rock, it must be completed with a boost or pedal to the metal part.Pour , forget, or rather not, add a pedal like the marshall jackhammer on the clear, make your settings and send the palm mutts.pour power, being in a house, I can afford to play at high volume on the other hand in the apartment, the neighbor may come with his blunderbuss.


I use it for 15 days quite regularly, in fact I've been waiting to try it before giving an opinion, I just tried a blackstar ht1 in a store (also attractive), but at a price 249 roros.l
The disadvantage of tube amp is that it is expensive compared to the transistors or modeling, this one I bought 99 euros on the cheap not known at all, Thoma website ..
Normally about the price of ht1 with shipping, I have not done the deal of the century, but this year, that's not mal.C 'was a risk worth taking especially without trying without regret ...
So no, I have not burned (especially as it is beautiful in +, all white, with black front), it has a good sound certainly better than my line 6 spider 3 15 watt purchased at the same price there A few years ago, and no I'm not going to complain, because at the same price as a moped, I have a motorcycle, remains bought the footswitch (ah thieves at a price of 19 euros), and the small 12-inch tsa 112 c, I enviously eyeing putting côté.cet device is a destocking that we can no longer bought this cheaply, basically it's already too late, it replaces an old TV visibly by the 60 years at the relatively high price tsa5tvr, after all it's collector if it's 60 years ...