Ibanez TSA5 Combo
Ibanez TSA5 Combo

TSA5 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez in the TSA series.

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Makos 05/21/2014

Ibanez TSA5 Combo : Makos's user review

«  Nice little cushy ;-) »

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Small all-tube combo (except rectification) manufactured in Indonesia Ibanez:

5 watts, 1 tube pre-amp, 1 tube power.
1 volume, 1 tone.
Little more of the craft, the famous Tube Screamer brand is included as a sort of channel 2 (3 settings: Level - Tone - Overdrive).
The HP model is a "Tube" 10 inch Celestion.

Serious manufacturing, everything is snug. Tolex cream bonded well, metal angles. No unpleasant vibration even pushing the volume.

I would have liked:
- A bi-or tri-band EQ instead of the single knob "color" even if it is generally satisfactory.
- An effects loop


Simplissime ... one branch, allowed to heat 1 minute or 2, plays.

The race is nice pots.

No switch to turn the circuit provided Tube Screamer on / off but a jack is provided and a basic switch works perfectly.


Beautiful little clear, totally usable apartment over 2/3 of the stroke volume knob ... from the remaining 1/3 it starts typing and neighbors will be less happy.
The tone knob called "Color" is effective and bring this little Ibanez shadow to light (from low to severe, whatever ;-) keeping an appreciable sound consistency.
The sound is "clean" on the beach 2/3 ... it begins to saturate so bluesy beyond.
If the switch is engaged "Tube Screamer" you get what this famous pedal offers so low volume saturated sound is possible. The latter respond well to 3 pots dedicated.
From light to saturated all consistent on this 10 inches. A change of HP could be a more pronounced character. Taste and ear of each choice. I leave it "stock" at the moment.
HP 8 ohm output is available ... try a 12 or 2x12 cab. It should sound.


I took advantage of a discount discontinued at least interesting, basically 60% of the price. So at this price it can not be happiness. Full pot (about 220 euros), I will not have it bought, I would have preferred him AMPEG GVT5/110. But it is also sold. But hey, let's be honest, it sounds well this little TSA5. The presence of overdrive Ibanez circuit allows to play at low volume with a saturated sound interesting and coherent. All in all a good product ... I noted here based on "normal" price.