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iamqman 07/12/2011

Koch Multitone : iamqman's user review

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Koch is a company based out of the Netherlands and has been building great quality amps for musicians around the world. They have a good reputation as a simple guitar amps that are full of tone. These are high gain monster and they aren't sweet innocent clean amps. Koch is somewhere in between with their gain style and voicing structure.

This amp features a 1x12 cab and also a 2x12 cabinet. The 2x12 will sound more open and airy where the 1x12 will have a boxy sound. Each are phenomenal amplifiers and features the same specs and tone but just a slight difference between those two. The head is just that, a head. This amp you will need to have a separate cabinet to plug into.

This amp features Solo/Rhythm facility, Switchable Speaker Damping, Classic long-scale Accutronics Reverb. This is a tone monster amp and the big brother to the multi channel twintone amps. These are a little big more featured as far as versatility and options. There is a lot more this amp can do over the twintone.


Koch Multitone Tube Amplifier

* 3-Channels: Clean, Drive and Gain
* four 12AX7 preamp tubes
* 2 El34's
* Speaker Damping switch
* Penthode / Triode switch
* gold plated jacks
* special design 10-wiper pots for long life
* ceramic tube sockets w/spring retainers
* hand soldered tube sockets
* Serial and Parallel FX-loop
* Solo / Rhythm facility
* Accutronics spring reverb
* two Koch VG12-90 speakers (Combo)
* Recording output
* 5-way footswitch included
* 11-layer birch ply cabinet construction
* vibration-free MDF baffle boards
* proprietary transformers w/Hi Q core


The head will sound open as well as the 2x12. The 1x12 amp will have a boxier sound but still a very good tone. Each amp is within just a few hundred dollars from one another. And each have a great distortion tone and clean tones.

Fantastic from front to back top to bottom. This is a three channel amp one dedicate to clean and one for the distortion. What is different to this amp is that it has a middle EQ for the clean channel. Most amps I come across and especially Fender has only volume, bass, and treble. There usually isn't a middle control knob for the clean. That is a simple but great features to have. So this makes the clean ton of this amp much more versatile to your guitar's needs and playing style.

The distortion is much more heavy that the twintone. I like and prefer the voicing of this amp over the smaller brother twintone. This one steps outside of the confines of the blues style amps and gets more in the rock arena.


These amp range from $3300- $2700 depending on what amp it is. That is a hefty price for amps like these. Pretty expensive series of amps and that price is a bit high in my opinion.

I would recommend a Bogner or an Egnator to have versatility like this at a much lower price. Well the Bogner would have to be used but a better amp in my opinion.