Koch Twintone II
Koch Twintone II

Twintone II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Twintone series.

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kenavo94 08/31/2008

Koch Twintone II : kenavo94's user review


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50 Watt all-tube amp:
pramp 4x12AX7 and 2 EL34 amp for the part.
The connection is trs complte, including an effects loop in or parallle SERIES.
Includes a 5-button footswitch with selection of the three channels, switch on / off the reverb or effects loop if it is connected and a switch that toggles between a volume "rhythm" (adjustable by knob the back of the amp) volume solo.
A attnuateur Intgr to switch the power 25w 0w or to use only the line out or headphones.
The only negative possibilities of connections is the fact that the rverb disables itself when using the effects loop parallle, which is my case ... For this reason I put that 9.


No knobs to 50,000 CONTRL of sound, trs rglages are simple, very easy and you get the sound DSIR. The sound palette is quite tense, not to the metal can be the hardest, but I am not a specialist in the matter of.

The manual is quite simple and explains well DIFFERENT rglages and manipulations should be done on the amp.


The grain of the amp is pretty "hot" compared to other amps I've tried in the same price range. I use it with a MM Luke and I find the sound really HUGE!
The clean channel has a trs its really nice. The OD and OD + also. It can range from almost clear sound with lightweight crunch up the distos really standard. Drle most is to hear of such a power amplifier in such a small case.
Ms. adpote 25 watts!
Sounds are arranged on the site of koch here ( http://www.koch-amps.com/index.asp?id=83 ) .
But the best is to go try it.


It's been two weeks, and I never tire of it (the neighbors can be ). The scope of the reverb that goes off when you plug one end into the loop parallle is really the black spot, it's going to make me buy a reverb pedals apart even more than the r Accutronics intgre verb type I liked.
I tried several amp in the same price range (engl, vox, fender) is really the one I prfr. The report qualitprix seems correct, because the overall design of the amp is really good quality trs. Pay in 1350 california music.
EDIT 31/08/2008: It's been six months ending for me pssde this amp, I trimballe (not all the time) rptitions and it's always my happiness no worries!