Koch Twintone II
Koch Twintone II

Twintone II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Twintone series.

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yoTrakkz 11/08/2011

Koch Twintone II : yoTrakkz's user review

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I Have Used the Koch Twin Tone II, And in a word to describe it is amazing,awesome,powerful, I have used Koch amps in the past but this amp totally blows them away it has the cleanest of clean for jazz and country, and the most awesome overdrive I have ever heard from a amp. I don’t play real hard rock but if I did I know this amp would be awesome and not miss a lick. The pedal is amazing the way you can just set your sound on the amp and it just programs in to the foot switch.


I live in an apartment, and I had the volume at about 3 and my neighbors called the cops, so. I think it would shatter windows at 10. The new Wah effect works really good with the FBV Express pedal, and also makes the amp that much better.


The second i plugged in my guitar it has great tones and presets to choose from. I also love the fact you can plug in your mp3 and jam along with your music. Some neat effects on this amp are auto wah, pitch glide, and volume swell. These effects work best with a foot board which i plan on purchasing soon.


For the price, this is a truly amazing amp. While the preset tones are cool, and good for a playing a few songs, I think they are better defined as great templates or starting points. You may find a tone you like, but just feels to be missing something, just tweak it to your liking. The basic models are great too. Each model offers two settings. Between the models, and all the effects, the possibilities are almost endless. It has your basic line out connection, and you can plug in your cd/mp3 player if you want to play along. It's got the hookup for the footswitch which is a must have addition. All in all, for the price I paid, this amp is top notch