Koch Twintone II
Koch Twintone II

Twintone II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Twintone series.

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Nyko 01/22/2007

Koch Twintone II : Nyko's user review


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50W all-tube amp (see other views or character. Detailed lamp types)
Opportunity to switch to 25W for use without screaming neighbors (and again, do not push the volume above 1.5 see 2)
Headphone output with a "LoadBox" integrated of the same brand.
Line Out Simulation with HP live recording.
Two guitar inputs: "Normal" and "Bright Clean", the second is scheduled for guitars with humbuckers, to get a clean sound beautiful.

3 channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive + (which is actually a simple boost of normal OD, without setting aside)
Effects loop either in series or in parallel
Spring Reverb footswitch switchable
A nice little trick: a small red knob is used to go a bit the overall volume of the amp for rhythm parts: when the corresponding LED on the footswitch is off, the volume knob is the volume of red. When lit, the normal volume of the amp. Useful when you have to stand out from the accompaniment in a solo instance.
An HP 12 "Vintage, from what I read designed in collaboration with Jensen.

Comes with a footswitch LED convenient and beautiful: 3 for 3 switches channels, one for the reverb and the transition to a rhythm mode / single player.

I was looking for a combo with all the necessary functions to use during rehearsals, concerts and flat, with a reverb and an effects loop of good quality, I have not found more ... Everything is there!


Simple configuration, Power On, Stand By to heat lamps, then you turn and go ... The sound is there right away, no need to procrastinate noon to 14h, the rule a little EQ, gain, presence, and it is fun!

The effects loop does not generate unwanted noise or breath is incredibly transparent.
The reverb is very good, but I never pushed beyond third.

Manuel quoiqu'inutile clear if we know a little bit to use an amp.


- Will it fit your style of music?
Since I have no particular style of music, I would say ... Yes! This is where this amp is very strong, it is very versatile! We have a range of sound that goes from clear flawless, from bluesy crunch, the slight distortion to a heavier saturation. No sound "Metal" However, despite a gain already pushed on the OD + channel.

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
PRS Custom 24, 20th Anniversary Edition
A jewel that comes into its own with this combo;)
I use some effects that I do not fully control: CS-3 amended (removing noise), ProCo RAT2 (sounds terribly well on this amp), Dunlup Kingdom Vibe, Zvex Fuzz Factory, modified Sovtek Big Muff, BK Butler Tube Driver
I also have a Rocktron Xpression Multi effect that I just bought.

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
The clean channel is to die for, I never get tired of playing on that channel: dynamic, slamming just right, very well respected grain and micro positions of the guitar (PRS Custom 24 for my part) and the game to qualified mediator or fingers. Many also say that generally, see above, a good Fender (type bassman or hot rod for the most recent), I could never really compare, but if there are better, I'd love to hear this because now is the best I could hear and pile hair what I wanted. Last night at the end to repeat the lamps heated through, I found myself playing and replaying again with just a modified CS-3 and a bit of reverb, I could not believe the sound I got Not an ounce of crunch , not an ounce of unwanted noise, this amp is super quiet.
The OD channel is simple and bluesy crunch of the different levels of saturation. I did not leaning heavily on the settings for that channel, but I noticed that all the knobs had an immediate effect on the sound and you could find just about any sound you want. And the quality is there, it's clean, it stays in place, it does not bleed, it's all good!
+ OD channel is a boost of OD, therefore the heaviest yet. I rarely use it only for now, but useful for a good riff when he should still give a little more ...

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
To hate one that sounds out the beast must be really, really hard but then ... I love the sound clear to me is the one that impresses me the most, but I also love the OD channel that can provide just the right sound to spend time in hell on stage!


- How long have you use it?
This will make three weeks now ...

- What is so special that you like most and least?
As it is obviously sound, then the versatility and the fact that it is complete in terms of functionality. The least? uh ... my back is suffering from transport, but it is light compared to other models, so I will not complain for so little!

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I tried a Fender Blues Junior Hot Rod Deluxe and a very fast, so the comparison will be made only on the clear sound of the blues junior, and quite frankly, I much prefer the clean sound of Koch, and the reverb is much better also (on the blues, it's breath) ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
I had to € 1300, slightly more than the German price, but I prefer that my money will go to a dealer friendly, professional and music lover rather than a supermarket of music in Germany (rockshop.de not to mention).
Despite being a lot of money for an amp as complete, hand assembled in Holland, 50W therefore more than enough for the stage and this quality at all levels, and although I would call the price / quality ratio as well.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Without hesitation.