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iamqman 07/14/2011

Koch Twintone : iamqman's user review


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Koch is a company based out of the Netherlands and has been building great quality amps for musicians around the world. They have a good reputation as a simple guitar amps that are full of tone. These are high gain monster and they aren't sweet innocent clean amps. Koch is somewhere in between with their gain style and voicing structure.

The original Twintone had only two channels. Those two channels had one clean and one gain channel. It was not a super high gain amp but a decent Marshall style British type high gain. There isn't much else that changed at least that was completely noticeable.



* High and Low inputs
* 50 watts at 8 or 4 ohms
* 2 channel preamp, footswitch selectable
* Classic clean channel
* Post EQ overdrive channel with four gain stages
* Dual-Drive control
* Four 12ax7 preamp and two EL34 power amp tubes
* Buffered effects loop DC coupled, serial signal level -10dBV
* Solo/rhythm volume, footswitch selectable
* Auto power soak
* Headphones & recording outputs
* Speaker simulating filter, passive 12dB/oct.
* Accutronics classic model reverb
* One 12" Koch VG12-90 speaker
* 2 speaker outputs, switchable 4 or 8 ohms
* 2-way footswitch included with LEDs
* Option: Head version
* Dimensions (cm) combo: 50w x 47h x 28d - head : 50w x 28h x 28d
* Weight Combo: 23kg - head : 14kg


This is a two channel amp one dedicate to clean and one for the distortion. What is different to this amp is that it has a middle EQ for the clean channel. Most amps I come across and especially Fender has only volume, bass, and treble. There usually isn't a middle control knob for the clean. That is a simple but great features to have.

The distortion is kind of honky to me. I don't really like the tone of it all that much. It sound small and boxy. The tone of the clean is too but not as noticeable as the overdrive channel. The distortion I feel with the OD and OD+ switch just muddies up things. It isn't very pleasant to hear.


This amp has been discontinued and replaced with the Twintone ll. You can find them on the used market but I would take the Twintone ll because of the boosted overdrive channel 3.

They are great for the clean tone but I wasn't that impressed with the distortion channels. I would recommend this amp to a blues based player and not a hard rock player. It will sound good in a pop or mild rock setting and do fine. To me this amp is just ok.