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nickname009 02/17/2012

Koch Twintone : nickname009's user review


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The Twintone is the bigger brother to the studiotone. 2 full independent channels with their own EQs and El34 power tubes as opposed to EL84s. Tonewise, a change and more versatility feature-wise.

High and Low inputs
50 watts at 8 or 4 ohms
2 channel preamp, footswitch selectable
Classic clean channel
Post EQ overdrive channel with four gain stages
Dual-Drive control
Four 12ax7 preamp and two EL34 power amp tubes
Buffered effects loop DC coupled, serial signal level -10dBV
Solo/rhythm volume, footswitch selectable
Auto power soak
Headphones & recording outputs
Speaker simulating filter, passive 12dB/oct.
Accutronics classic model reverb
One 12" Koch VG12-90 speaker
2 speaker outputs, switchable 4 or 8 ohms
2-way footswitch included with LEDs
Option: Head version
Dimensions (cm) combo: 50w x 47h x 28d - head : 50w x 28h x 28d
Weight Combo: 23kg - head : 14kg


Again, very simple to use, laid like a regular amp. There's also the DI recording out which is useful (but doesn't sound THAT great) and a built in attenuator which is quite useful too. I think these are available on nearly every one of koch's amps.


The sound is different because of the El34s of course. The cleans are cleaner and the distortion is warmer and rounded than the studiotone. Of course there's less break up too when you crank the clean cause of the El34s. But aside from that I can't really say that the tones are TOO different, they definitely have the same vibe and the same, let's say, DNA. If you get a chance to play both of them side by side of course you will notice the differences but you will definitely feel the same vibe from both amps. It just depends on your needs in terms of features and how much clean headroom you want that would depend on which amp to go for.


Another amazing amp from Koch. Though it has the same soul, it's definitely improved upon with more headroom and separate EQ channels for both clean and dirty channels. All the same as the studiotone with the great tones, the power soak, and the recording out with cab emulation.

A very very very worthy amp!!!