Laboga Alligator AD5201T
Laboga Alligator AD5201T

Alligator AD5201T, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laboga in the Alligator series.

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djoul76 03/15/2011

Laboga Alligator AD5201T : djoul76's user review

«  very versatile! »

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amp lamps 4 12AX7 and 2 EL84,
4,8,16 ohm out, send return, line out, 2 footswitch input intrument!
clean volume, bright switch, bass middle treble, EQ switch
drive: drive 1, drive 2, volume, bright switch, bass middle treble, EQ switch
Master: reverb, master volume
loop series


simple configuration is a 2 channel amp, with 4switch super efficient, super responsive EQ.
not easily obtained a good sound, but full of beautiful sound!
the clean sound is super nice, super clean, nice reverb. but on mine, even to zero, when I hear even the sound of spring in the hp?!
the bright switch report the dynamics and slam, you made the switch eq spent his English medium loaded in the U.S. a bit more digging, but that's good, it can go up pushed the knobs at the bottom, c ' is always nice and clean ...
such as saturated, although its crunch, its saturated very well!
Clearly, crunch, british saturated, saturated U.S., we can all ask

the 2nd gain overdrive channel can be 2 different gain setting, super, it's almost a 3-channel!


grain which he stays clean, a regal crystal with a stratum, super clean with doubles.
it can all play, I can not say be limited to the bare metal?
but for my part, they are earning enough to send the big sound, nice crunch, and plain awful too, like everyone in this amp, it respects the guitar really well and microphones


it is only 3 hours I played it and I am disgusted to have to cut the stand-by ...
I will complete this review by QLQ time, after a long play on it and after you type jam with!
but already in domestic use, it does!
the master is progressive

I had a lot of amps because I tried my sound

-Peavey Classic 30, upgraded G12H30, resold

Marshall DSL 401, upgraded V30, sold

-Marshall vintage modern combo, this one I kept ...

Peavey-6505, 1960A upgraded V30 / GT75, resold

Mesa boogie single-correct with his 2X12, this one, I miss ...

Engl thunder combo 112-ev

and this one now

and for me, the best compromise, quality, price, efficiency, versatility, encoubrement ...
The only downside is the weight, obviously!
must be said that the transformer is huge, which is a good sign!