Laney CUB12R
Laney CUB12R

CUB12R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the CUB series.

baxbrin 03/30/2014

Laney CUB12R : baxbrin's user review

«  the famous "tone" button »

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Everything has already been said except that I want to clarify.


There's no easier, You just have to use their ears and fingers ... it is great.


Perfect for the full range of clean to crunh. Maxi with a large micro spitting: AC / DC debut. There must be a choice, now the pedals, it does exist and there everything is possible (without the pedal = more like a channel).


So to wring the neck of those who say that the tone knob is useless: try a sustained distortion (for this beast, I mean, gain beyond the half) and you will discover that it changes color the distortion significantly.

However, it is true, if we stay in the clean / crunch small, this knob has no utility.

For the rest, I take my foot every time I use this beast. I put an Eminence Legend HP (it returns to shoehorn and a little heavier gear) result nickel. In two years, relamping, I'll stick him more serious lamps, it should be perfect. Only problem: the electronics can not balance the lamps.