Luker Chameleon
Luker Chameleon

Chameleon, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Luker.

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TeleZee 02/25/2013

Luker Chameleon : TeleZee's user review

« Another Great Amp from Ken »

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This is a tube amp with some great features. First off the overall sound is stunning, cleans are smooth and not brittle. The various control features make it easy to dial up what ever your looking for. Two gain controls and a volume give lots of options for playing loud and gritty to clean and sparkly at either high or low volumes. Superb reverb with options in the intensity and depth. The EQ controls give all the best Fenderesq sounds I can possibly hope for. Blackface, deluxe it does it all.

A 6V6 duo of power tubes at a 20 watts give it that nice warm feel. The switchable treble circuit add still more dimension to the sound. A perfect club amp or playing around the house.


I've had this amp for about a month and took it to rehearsal untested at club volume. it was easy to dial in the tone I needed to get in the mix with the band. A few tweeks and small adjustments from a flat EQ will get you where you want to be. The tone cicuit is very easy to dial in. Add in the High cut and prescence controls and sound options are endless.


I use a G&L Legacy and a Fender Telecaster and a variety of pedals through this amp and I have to say that I may drop a few pedals. I really like to able to dial in a little hair on the clean as I play mostly 70's to 90's rock music. I used to have to do this with an OD pedal, but now I use the pedal for a clean boost for solos. I can now use the volume in the guitar to clean it up or make growl without punching a button.


I like this amp a lot. I've used another combo amp for the last five years and will now be using this amp as my working amp. I paired the amp head with a WGS Veteran 30 in a cab and I love it! The head is easy to carry at around 27 LBS, beautifully crafted at a great value. The guys in the band said they were impressed with the new sound, the bass player thought it was a better sound than my combo.

I purchased one of Ken's Tiger 20 combos a few years ago and was so impressed with the quality build that I knew I would get another.I waited and watched and there are a lot of choices of other amps out there, but IMHO I am happy to have another one of Ken's great amps to play with.

Even my wife (my loyal band supported for the last 12 years)commented on what a great looking amp it is and about how well it was put together. :)

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