Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee [1987]
Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee [1987]

2554 Silver Jubilee [1987], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the 25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) series.

iamqman 07/11/2011

Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee [1987] : iamqman's user review

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These amps weer produced to commemorate Jim Marshall and they were labeled the 25th anniversary of Marshall. These were great amps at the time and more of a modern touch than the other models that Marshall was producing at the time. These amps had the unique silver tolex covering and the mirror faceplate. The were a huge departure from the tradition look of black and gold to which Marshall was recognized.

These were the amps that John from Red Hot Chili Peppers played through as well as Slash from Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver played. They seemed to have a boutque wuality to them as well as a more usable and hot rodded tone. I believe they were built to the JCM800 circuits with some extra tweaks and juice to make them the jubilees.


These amps were two channel one for teh clean and one for the the distortion channel. Like most Marshall amps these were easy to dial in and get a great tone. For all Marshall a general rule of thumb is to turn the bass all the way up and the treble and middle around 1-2 o clock. Then the presence as desired. Max out the preamp gain and tun the volume to the tolerable level. There you have it, the most basic Marshall tone for Eqing most amps.


There is a magical tone that comes to life when you hook up a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall amp. These amp followed that trend. If you played this amp with a solid Gibson Les Paul or an SG you could get some solid rock tone and have it sustain all day long it seemed. This was the favorite setup for guy like Slash who used a Les Paul.

A nice Fender Stratocatser will work wonders as well. This was used on the last album by Red Hot Chili Peppers as John F was using his Strats with this amp only in a head version. He was able to get great rhythmic tone and lead lines that were just amazing.


These amps have long been out of production. The used market is the only way to go at this point. I have no idea what the going rate for this amp is now. They can be had pretty inexpensively. The 100 watt versions will fetch more money of course.

I would recommend this to anyone trying out the guitar or someone who needs c good combo for practing or light gigging. These amps will serve their owners with solid tone and reliability.