Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo
Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo

DC-5 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Dual Caliber series.

reminoucho 10/12/2013

Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo : reminoucho's user review

«  Timeless! »

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Features already mentioned elsewhere.
50 watts.
Channel 1 clean with a second crunch when you crank up the gain
MESA distortion channel par excellence!


It's very easy to dial in if you know that you have a "hidden" channel by using the gain knob on the clean channel.
The EQ is indispensable to get a good sound. An advice: Take it easy with the BASS pot on the distortion channel, especially if you EQ afterwards, because it loses a lot of energy.
From very clean to very distorted, suitable for JAZZ, BLUES, ROCK, METAL, and beyond that I don't know.


It's great for the different music genres I play.
The sound is crystalline with a single-coil, but becomes VERY DYNAMIC with a good humbukcer.
I play a JAZZ EPIPHONE EMPEROR JOE PASS (Montgomery sound at will) and a LAG IMPERATOR equipped with dual switchable Saymour DUNCANs.
I love all the sounds this amp provides and have NEVER ADDED a distortion pedal (it doesn't need it). On the other hand, I use a FENDER pedalboard on the FX loop for delay chorus.
Digital pedals should not be placed between the guitar and the amp because they distort sound.
True, the amp is powerful, but it sounds fine at "low" volumes (I play in a rehearsal room not in my room).


I've been using this amp for 5 months and everything is great.
I bought a BLACKSTAR at the beginning of the year and I'm very happy. Since MESA is so expensive I never thought I would be able to buy one, but then I bumped into this "barely used" secondhand one.
It was a good deal, because the sound of this amp is timeless and if you take good care of it it can still last many years. Years ago I had a MESA BOOGIE preamp, so I know the brand well. I only regret it being so expensive.
Does it make any sense to talk about value for money with this brand?
I would definitely buy it again. And I also take the opportunity to say that no matter what guitar you use, this amp will do it justice.