Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 1x12 Combo

Rect-O-Verb 1x12 Combo , Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Rect-O-Verb series.

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sydn 06/14/2012

Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 1x12 Combo : sydn's user review

«  He tears! »

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Amp lamp 50 W. Very powerful!
2 channels with 2 modes per channel.
Each channel has its own gain settings, a 3-band EQ, a knob presence, reverb, a master ... + knob a "solo" in the pedal activated (provides), which serves as a boost.
Rugged construction, and especially ... Very very very heavy. Do not expect more than a few meters if only you wear it!


Usage is fairly intuitive, simple and clear. But the settings are very sensitive, so it takes quite tampering before finding the sound that suits you. Under these conditions the available settings for each channel is an advantage, since you can find a different personality for each channel (eg a crystal clean with lots of treble and a distortion greasy and dirty, low to midrange and bass) .
In short if you know what you want to find quickly, otherwise you will take time and a lot of testing to find the sound that suits you.
The manual is in English, but I found one in French on the net. It is very clear, and explains the role of each knob, and interactions between them.


Here it is sure that the rectoverb moved. Its power, its quality and soundscapes are indisputable. Perfect for American music (rock, metal, blues, why not country). Can also be quite correct for that jazz (with the guitar but adequate), or jazz-rock, although its clean channel a little lacking in personality, they are quite cold, but perfectly meets your guitar. It depends on what tastes.
Against distortion by the tear, the two modes (a modern and vintage) are excellent and typed (without any more than "style" of the amp eats the personality of your guitar).


I used it for 6 months, but ultimately little. I not often play in groups and use in the apartment is impossible. Also whenever he had to leave to go play somewhere, it was a struggle given its weight (I live over a 4th floor without elevator).
I bought lai € 800 in 2011 in an individual who parted reluctantly as it moved in a country where standards of voltage are not the same. So I jumped at the chance (since this amp was used at best to 1200 € at the time).
I also play with a Variax 700, I change so often its more times within the same song ... With practice, I realized that the only amps that are consistent with the use I have of this guitar, it is the amp models that can change the preset has each change in guitar for the ITS used for each guitar ... Whereas with a traditional amp (especially rectoverb, with his sensitive settings), as soon as I switch on my Variax guitar, you must re-adjust the pots ... not practice in full song!
All in all an excellent product, but expensive move, perfect for a rock guitarist who can leave his local snooze.
But we must remember to practice before acquiring it, otherwise it could dispose of it quickly.