Mesa Boogie Subway Blues Combo
Mesa Boogie Subway Blues Combo

Subway Blues Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Subway series.

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gtel77 03/15/2007

Mesa Boogie Subway Blues Combo : gtel77's user review


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20W tube amp: 2 * 3 * 12AX7 and EL34
An input channel, an effects loop on the back with adjustable mix, exit 4 HP and 8 Ohms
1 volume, bass, middle, treble. The adjustment knob is also used as mediums of overdrive adjustment from 1 / 3 of the race.
A mode change switch Bright / Fat Manual
What we need no more no less

Note: I have the model without reverb with HP Celestion Black Shadow 10 "


The manual is very simple, some examples of settings but ... I did open out of curiosity!
The sound delivered is round and warm, very bluesy / jazzy, as opposed to a Fender, for example. The settings at the beginning are not simple because of the knob medium / OD. To take a shot, but then we get great sounds from blues / jazz well-rounded addition to sounds Rock (and roll) FAT mode. With the help of a good OD pedal you can play on registers SRV / Led Zep / ACDC to the limit. More disto refrain is not his record but said in the name.
It has a good dynamic, and transmits all the subtleties of the game, and largely cover a 20W standard rock drummer in a pub or a studio.
Can be blamed a lack of versatility, but you can not have everything!


I use it in a register blues rock, 70's rock and it fits perfectly.
I mainly play a Start US, and marvel at Fulltone pedal, the mosfet fulldrive II, and easily j'obtient sounds crunch / OD way SRV, Rolling Stones, and pushing a little Led Zep / ACDC.
It is a very versatile little amp typed blues rock, but has a dynamic and excellent sound MESA that delight the ear.
Terrible in these records, to avoid if you want a Fender clean sound and distortion Sepultura ;-)!


I use it for 2 years and I am delighted.
I particularly appreciate its dynamics (thank you and the heavenly lights), and it delivers the grain. It is a very hot amp, which comes from the Delta!
It is very well made - it's a Mesa Boogie is no doubt - impeccable finish and durability over time.
Its main asset is its texture and warmth, and it is also probably the main drawback if you search an amp for clean sounds clear and distos of death!
I would do this choice given the book in which I play.