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  • Victoria Cherry Bomb & Silver Sonic

    Victoria Cherry Bomb & Silver Sonic

    12/05/11 in Victoria Amplifier Cherry Bomb

    Victoria Amplifier Company announces the arrival of the Silver Sonic and Cherry Bomb combos to its stable of guitar amplifiers.

  • [NAMM] Carlsbro VAC Series

    [NAMM] Carlsbro VAC Series

    11/26/11 in Carlsbro VAC 15

    Carlsbro is launching the new VAC series of three valve guitar combos and a separate head and cab.

  • Dr. Z Maz 8 Amp

    Dr. Z Maz 8 Amp

    10/17/11 in Dr. Z Amplification Maz 8 Combo - Black

    Based on the modern day classic Maz 18 platform, the Maz 8 is a 8-watt amp.

  • Vox AC15C2 Twin Now Shipping

    Vox AC15C2 Twin Now Shipping

    10/07/11 in Vox AC15C2 Twin

    VOX Amplification is now shipping the AC15C2 “Twin” combo amp from its popular AC Custom Series of tube amplifiers.

  • Fencer Eric Clapton Series Amps

    Fencer Eric Clapton Series Amps

    10/04/11 in Fender EC Tremolux

    Fender introduces its EC Series guitar amplifiers—the EC Twinolux,EC Tremolux and EC Vibro-Champ.

  • VHT Special 12/20 Combo

    VHT Special 12/20 Combo

    09/27/11 in VHT Amplification (AXL) Special 12/20 Combo

    The VHT Special 12/20 features two power ranges), a preamp specifically designed for pedals and multi-effects units, an all-tube buffered effects loop with send and return level controls, VHT’s Depth and Texture controls, a variable Watts control, and a built-in 9-volt DC pedal power supply.

  • PRS SE Series

    PRS SE Series

    08/18/11 in PRS SE 50

    PRS Guitars announces a new line of PRS SE amplifiers.

  • [NAMM] Goodsell Amps

    [NAMM] Goodsell Amps

    07/25/11 in Goodsell Amps Super 17 MkIII

    Goodsell showcased several amps models at Summer NAMM, including the Super 17 MkIII and Dominatrix 18.

  • [NAMM] Vox Unveils the AC15C2 "Twin" Amp

    [NAMM] Vox Unveils the AC15C2 "Twin" Amp

    07/22/11 in Vox AC15C2 Twin

    The Custom Series AC15 amplifier is now available with two 12”Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers.

  • [NAMM] 3rd Power HybridMaster

    [NAMM] 3rd Power HybridMaster

    07/22/11 in 3rd Power British Dream

    3rd Power Amplification announces its new proprietary patent-pending tube amplifier volume management circuitry, HybridMASTER.