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moosers 05/02/2009

Orange AD15-10 : moosers's user review


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The Orange Amps AD1510 is a tube based guitar combo amplifier that is on the smaller side of the Orange Amps collection. It has 15 watts of power and has a 1/4 inch input on it to plug your instrument in. It has a single speaker and is easy to carry around with you.


The configuration of the Orange Amps AD1510 is really basic and is quite easy to learn. It has all of the basic parameters you would expect with a guitar amp, including knobs for master volume, gain, bass, mid, and treble. Getting a good sound is really easy as the inherent tone on the Orange Amps AD1510 is really full and rich sounding. I don't have the manual for the Orange Amps AD1510, but it is very easy to use and you definitely shouldn't need the manual if you don't have it already.


The sounds from the Orange Amps AD1510 are pretty awesome considering this only outputs 15 watts of power. While the clean sound is great, the overdrive is where this amp really excels, as the overdrive is extremely crunchy, warm, and full bodied in tone. While there aren't a ton of parameters to control your tone, since it does have the basic ones there is certainly enough here to dial in a variety of different tones for different genres and applications. While this doesn't have the punch and rip to some of the bigger Orange amps, the Orange Amps AD1510 is a great sounding model when you take in to consideration its small size.


I've been using the Orange Amps AD1510 for about two years and it is one of my favorite smaller combo amps out there, as it really exceeded my expectations in terms of tone for such a small amp. I wasn't expecting to be able to crank this amp as loud as I am able to, and it really just has an extremely impressive tone to it. This amp isn't too expensive and you know you are getting a good amp because it is made by Orange. I've come to trust Orange Amps wholeheartedly, and I would highly recommend the AD1510 to those looking for a small combo amp to practice on that has a lot of punch for its size.