Orange Tiny Terror Combo
Orange Tiny Terror Combo

Tiny Terror Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Terror series.

sebastien.groskahyou 11/12/2012

Orange Tiny Terror Combo : sebastien.groskahyou's user review

«  A combo for rock »

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7w/15w amp lamps equipped with 3 knobs: Volume, Tone, Gain. A bowl of 12 "Celestion. You can not do more straightforward. Perfect for awesome sound.
For simplicity and efficiency settings: 8 (no more because you have to get used to the beast and I put myself in the place of a beginner)


Simple configuration, the manual is largely dispensable. We get a good sound easy, provided you have a good instrument equipped with microphones correct. This amp really respect the personality of each guitar. You need to have good equipment, the Tiny Terror is not really suitable for beginners. CAUTION: You can get beautiful clean tones but with a slight grain (mono channel with gain adjustment), which suits me (I do not really like the Fender clean tones).
9 because its use is easy, and it's easily changed. There are no knobs 3000 (I do not like the gas machines ^ ^).


I mainly play rock, blues, funk, and this amp perfectly fulfilled its role. It is perfect for a fat with a beautiful natural overdrive. The tone control is sensitive and provides a good range of sounds.
I have 4 guitars that all have a unique character that this amp is well worth. Epiphone G400 a Korean that sounds so evil with Bare Knuckle Black Dog, a Fender Telecaster with vintage microphones, which sounds so brilliant with a twang groovy pseudo strato house with microphones kind texas blues, which gives a well country / blues and finally, a Hagstrom Super Swede rise Gibson Burstbucker # 3/Classic '57 can go ogle the side of this small jazz combo!
The Tiny Terror agrees very well the effects, and even my Big Muff Pi (a pedal that shipments gain much greasy is capricious and as you put the gear behind) with a vintage tremolo and gain 11 or 12 you can get a super cool sound to The Sonics (Rumble ^ ^).
What I like is its super natural crunch which allows me to send my overdrive over (I never play in pure clean, I prefer to use the guitar volume, hence the choice of this single channel combo).

A 10 because it suited my game and the type of music that I like (if I was looking for versatility, I put a 6 or 7).

It has a good gain (British) but not really for the modern metal (although you can swing a Seek and Destroy without pedal if you have good humbuckers!).


I've had about 7 months, he is perfectly replace my Fender Champ 25 Se (a combo hybrid preamp and power tube transo) who had not a great overdrive. What I like most is its grain and its really typical vintage you get. It respects the personality of each guitar. Power issue, it sends the block as they say, playing with musicos normal (not a drummer nag) can ensure a good suffer repeated failure without sound ^ ^ (it would be a shame with this combo taking off all the same wallpapers!).
What I tend to regret is the lack of spring reverb, which requires at least always have this pedal for a more consistent swing and a little less dry (yes I like the reverb).
Very good amp (8)