Peavey Nano Valve
Peavey Nano Valve

Nano Valve, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey.

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archtop 11/11/2009

Peavey Nano Valve : archtop's user review


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Small (yes it is really tiny!) 5w tube amp

1 12AX7 preamp with Electro-Harmonics
Sovtek EL84 in an amplification.
Setting a level that increases the volume and gain.
A guitar input.
1 HP 8 "

I browsed through the web and all tube 5w were all more or less the same pattern and components, but whose values ​​are different.

The Nano I think Valve is the cheapest, but not the least interesting.


Using ultra simple, the basic sound is good, and only needs to be improved.


It is the strong point with the price. At 80 € it was a good transistor amp sucks, but now the lights are doing their job, and it sounds.

For EL84 it sounds a bit steep, rather typed Fender. There are a lot of mids and treble, no bass, but HP has a small 8 ", is therefore quite normal.

As the volume rises, the gain goes up and it also happens to crunch to overdrive distortion to achieve a wicked volume up. We are in sound type AC-DC, but the HP is at the end of what he can do.
Volume level, the way into a room of 10m2 is untenable, really hard.

I tinkered rapido a cable to connect it to the HP of my Bandit 112, a great Scorpion HP 12 "that can collect 150w.
The Nano is transfigured.
The sound is full, it gets low, it is very warm. At the bottom disto finally speaks, it is impressive as many safe, power and definition for an amp of this price.
For the metal, forget it not register.

I tried to replace the original HP by a celestion super 8 (20 €), it's disappointing. The sound is loud, the HP admits its limit yourself quickly, Nano pushes too hard.

With this type of amp, it also learns to play with the volume of the guitar. The sound is fuller with the microphone and guitar on 2 level 12 on the amp, more aggressive micro guitar amp at the bottom level and barely open, the volume returned by the Nano is identical in both cases.

The tube amp is the amp really guiatre was forgotten with the transistors, we got used to lots of buttons, it is a mistake. At this price, no other amp does sound eye opener in, and surely not a transistor.

With a 12 "I made 10 with the 8" is 8, so I put 9.


I've had a year now, it's my amp to play at home.

I followed the saga ValveJunior, I considered the ValBee, but I gave up after test: its not the lamps. I also abandoned field 600 HP 6.5 "too small.
I hesitated between NanoValve and GA5 Harley price almost equivalent and took the Peavey for the brand, size, and after making sure it was a pure lights ..

Apart from its HP, you can not blame him much, and yet his HP is not a scholarship.
To reach a good HP 8 ", must almost make the price of the amp, no interest, as moving to a 12" in a cab home.

Because the basic sound is good, I plan to put an attenuator watts, put a master volume and tone, the story of expanding its capabilities. And a real outlet for HP external and Isaiah on a 4x12 " <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" />

I will redeem it without problem