Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012]
Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012]

Classic 30 [2005-2012], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

mister bouldegom 11/19/2013

Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012] : mister bouldegom's user review

«  matter of taste, I like. »

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All lamps, 30 watts, 2 channels with EQ and reverb common spring.


Config 'more traditional. I will not dwell on her because, like all tools, it is a matter of taste and need to try to get an idea. Me, I like it but I still consider HP a less powerful and less messy in the bass. Reverb is used sparingly ...


As I said, I like the sound. Among the standard Marshall, Fender, he is the one I chose. For cons, I recommend installing a standby and small modification 'called "cathode bias". Its use will be even more flexible and preserve the lamps. For the sake of vibrations lamps there is a lot of tricks to make it disappear. Dig a little on the net and choose your solution


Blues, jazz, rock, it all goes! Since I Retube, I find it more to my taste (see my reviews for JJ Tesla ecc 83s). An alternative to conventional excelente.