Peavey Windsor Studio
Peavey Windsor Studio

Windsor Studio, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Windsor series.

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docfanton 02/25/2013

Peavey Windsor Studio : docfanton's user review

«  The sound of the Black Keys! »

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15 watts all tube amp
Key Features:

-15 Watts RMS into 4, 8 or 16 ohms (switchable)
-Blue Marvel speaker 12 "(305mm)
Low-input and high gain
-12AX7 preamp two lamps
-Preamp gain controls, Mid and Treble
Class A amplifier mounted EL34
-Power attenuator (Power Sponge)
-Spring reverb with level control
-Boost and FX loop switchable by footswitch
Transformer-balanced XLR output for direct recording with a mic simulation
Dual-speaker outputs
-Weight: 16.4 kg


Easy not need the manual to make his SON!
Easily obtained a good sound in the registry drive / overdrive.
Must look a little more for clean tones but it is possible.
With the gain in depth, it heats and it fuzze delicious!

For me, the big thing about this amp is that it can be used with equal success in the apartment (thanks to the power sponge) in repet (15 watts tube is more than enough even with a "big" drummer) and concert (with XLR output allows direct connection to console LOSSLESS quality)

True versatility makes this amp very endearing.
However, this is a fairly typical amp that will not suit everyone.


Coupled with humbuckers or P90, we almost take for Dan Auerbach and Jon Spencer! The sound is warm, round, very vintage! Found no problem its the Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, happiness! This amp is comfortable tranquil blues to hard rock to BB hairy.
I play with a Fender Telecaster, a Sidejack Eastwood with P90 and 57 classic Sheraton rise in three configurations and this is a killer ... different.

However, I inadvisable to jazz fans and clean crystal, it's not really his register. For everything else, it really is an amp that is worth seeing and very affordable price level.


I use it for a year and a half and I never tire of it.
I had several very good tube amp (Fender Hot Rod Blues Deluxe, Peavey classic 30 ...) but that my preference for his character brat, grain overdrive and its sonic fidelity in all contexts of use (home, repet 'scene)

After he has a real personality, and that, it does not please everyone! -)

I would do this choice without hesitation.