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Vadorr 02/19/2005

Randall RG50TC : Vadorr's user review


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50W lamp, with 2 el 34. 4ecc83.

usual connections: loop, exit the studio.

2 channels. The hp is a celestion 70 ... I think.


I did not like the amp's clean (I mean the past, because I made a trade). Not nice, you know. I find that even Marshall is better. Not clear, not round. crunch it too fast and it does not shine.

the distortion is very good for the ultra nags. More in the vein of that distos transo lamp (yes, it's Randall). In short, quite cold but very sharp and straight forward.

no intermediate channel, for cons ...


Well, it suited my style too much, in fact. I wanted a nice clear and warmer distortion.


Well, the amp is made in China. Finally it was necessary to allow small grants to buy a tube amp.
Considering the price is not too bad. But it's not the top either.