Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic
Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic
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Skildust 03/06/2007

Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic : Skildust's user review


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Tube amp 5 X 12AX7 preamp section and 2 X 6L6 GC
Power just faiblichone for my taste, little rehearsal situation in ampluer
If you want to keep crystal clear sound really '.
A equalo that deserved to be found.


Config breeze.
It takes quite adjust to find the "SOUND", a little more on some
other, but good.
When found, happiness.
No need to book.


I play above all (or almost), great funk, rock, bossa.
To think of a good metal pedal, the crunch of the amp is very good but is really
a crunch.
I play mostly with a Godin LGX SA AA (twelve o'clock to go over very well, glitches still in the grave), a pedal Vox Bulldog. I did the test with my old BCRich and micro Crell ben ... saturated fat as possible and want more bass. It depends on your gear.
One can find a lot of different sounds:
The light is out.
The crunch is fat with settings as desired.
The only downside here: the lack of serious


I am on it for 5 / 6 months.
The principle of this amp, and it is better to know before: transparency.
It is a highly sensitive receiver to your stuff. Much more than all other lamps that I tested. It is not typed, the sound you make is really a function of the set you use. Do not get caught. No sounds Fender, Mesa, Marshall and others.
If you want a particular sound, your sound, this amp will be perfect.
If you want to approach the standard, well ... aim for the standards ..
For my use: great amp, versatility, clarity, presence