Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic
Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic
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dobermann masashige 09/08/2006

Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic : dobermann masashige's user review


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5x12 AX7

all lamps


The configuration is it simple? yes, a vari-tube amp "point to point"

Do you get a good sound easy? not be allowed to heat the Corny: ATTENTION ON PLAYING IN THE COURT OF THE GREAT! must hack the silly before spitting him death!

The manual is clear and sufficient? Why DO A MANUAL?


Yes, nikel for blues, rock, and clear sound is a cry ....

different type from scratch to the strato les paul

all sounds are obtained except the coarse type DEATH METAL

all sounds, no I can hate!
Soldano the crunch it was the big distortion ulta powerful, we have no room for error!

simply changing positions on the guitar smicros totally changes the sound
it responds to doight and the eye.
but we must quil a good half hour heats before attquer strong.


4 years

the effects loop is on top

yes I like almost everything was "big maqrues"
this one is my favorite. one remains a Soldano Soldano
no problem, always presenst
've never loose.
components of super quality, nothing wrong, the animal is carved in the rock.
a real monster!

gary moore sound pocket from
sustain bursting, tears of happiness

no problems!
I redeemed even two!