Monthebiffy 09/12/2006

Sunn T 50 C : Monthebiffy's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Tube amp whose manufacture has been entrusted to Fender but which is unfortunately no longer manufactured today.
Level of lamps: 5 12AX7, 2 12AX7WA, a 12AT7 for preamp and 2 6L6GC for power ... it will hurt the change of lights lol! )By biffyclyro on 09/
There are two channels on this amp. The first is devoted to sound clear, with a volume and a three-band EQ. The second is for heavy distortion with volume, gain and equalization three bands.
Masters, there is a reverb and presence control.
At the rear, there are connectors for input / output (it is possible to connect the unit to several firms), a bouble effect for each channel, a plug for the footswitch included (channel, reverb, effects) , a setting for the output impedance of HP, and a switch 50/12, 5 W output.
In other words, this amp is extremely comprehensive.
I put 9 because it still lacks a master volume and gain controls for the clean channel ...


The architectural configuration is simple, two-channel is still not very hard to solve. Starting at noon of settings on the canals and then fine-tuning, we get a good sound easily ...
The manual is adequate, 4 pages enough to understand the amp.


I play rock, pop a few times, or things to Biffy Clyro for those who know (the others should listen, it's worth it) ...
For this, I use an Epiphone Les Paul, with Di Marzio pickups on it (Norton and Tone Zone).
Clean channel: bah the least we can say is that it is not clear exactly lol ... with humbuckers, it's crunch very quickly at the slightest blow to pick. even putting down the volume ... this is certainly due to the armada of MEPs 12AX7 used. However, with simple microphones (split double), I come here to have a good clear sound when playing chords. And then when I get the volume, ahhhhhh ......... crunch that is beautiful and it allows to identify all the subtlety of simple microphones. Be careful though with acute, it is better to work well on the equalization if it gets too loud.
Distortion channel: I want to say that the highlight of the beast. At low gain, I can get out of a crunch sound slightly "overdrive" in clear ... but better still with a lot of gain or the saturation is really excellent ... compressed it takes to keep a good momentum, and a typical sound of 6L6, hot ... Solos with the neck pickup has that warm, velvety mmmhhhhh ...


I use it for a year and a half now ... I'd try a store in Paris, but by the time I save, it was sold ... So, a more in France, so I buy mine from England (the last nine in Europe after fender). And suddenly, as he was selling this amp at all, the Brad Fender (€ 1000 € 1800 against about normally).
In short, I am extremely happy ... the clean sound like a fender and slightly boosted overdrive then there ... Quite simply, I do not use distortion pedals!
on the other hand I had to buy a home powerbrake VHM because the volume is too high ... needed to 1 out of the room, Feedback and company! And of course pushing it a bit clean channel volume level you get the famous crunch ...
Quality / price excellent for me.
I do it again this choice with the experience, the problem is to find one lol