THC Amplification Sunset Combo 1x12
THC Amplification Sunset Combo 1x12

Sunset Combo 1x12, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from THC Amplification.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 10/02/2007

THC Amplification Sunset Combo 1x12 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Single-channel all-tube amp. I know nothing about its specs. Let's just say that the build quality is well above what I usually see. Every detail seems to have been assembled with tenderness.


We enter, we rule, we play. This is the kind of amp you can note that with 5. Some of them will find this side of crazy and super minimalist practice, others will need more. It is a philosophy in the end and it can not be noted.


The sound comes out clean from the bowels of this beast is amazing. The latter has an airy and subtle side that is good in a world where clean round and warm s'emble have permanently imposed. Potentiometers, although few, have a huge impact on the final sound. A small chouilla more acute, and the sound changes radically, altering slightly the incidence and presence of other frequencies, although, in defense of this gear, the problem does not the proportions of a Genz-Benz. We can bring the sound to a clean bluesy pushed slightly. But the beast that can not saturate. Too bad, because the sonic character would have a monumental crunch.

Again, 5. 10 to 1 for clean and distortion.


I tested this amp for my warrior soldier virginity. Both say she orgasms the first time. I think repeating soon experience a half day (also to allow a more accurate), but this time with a power attenuator. For 30W of clean tube to 2m, it is already too much for the ears.

My impression is rather good. But we must reframe the context in which it appears to have been built: the clean clear first.