Tornade MS Pickups Deluxe Reverb AB763
Tornade MS Pickups Deluxe Reverb AB763

Deluxe Reverb AB763, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Tornade MS Pickups.

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nonozi 09/30/2013

Tornade MS Pickups Deluxe Reverb AB763 : nonozi's user review

«  a magical amp! »

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Tube amp, a replica of Fender Vibroverb 63 '
40 watts
2 channels (normal and vibrato) with bass, treeble, volume and switch on bright mode or not.

The vibrato channel has more of a knob reverb and speed / intensity for the tremolo.
1 lamp for reverb, one for tremolo.

Component side is the top: transformer mercury, condo orange drop, HP Weber California 15 "solid pine cabinet and of course solder point to point.
Go to the site Tornado MS pickups for more details.
Sold with footswitchable reverb / tremolo.


Jack you plug it sounds. There's no need to book just turn the knobs.


I use Fender Stratocaster. The sound is really beautiful. It is built for the blues / rock (that's how I use it) but I think it is also suitable for more styles oriented jazz / funk / reggae. We need to find him a good quality overdrive.
With HP 15 "that gives low sick, it is very bright and vibrant.

I use the vibrato (bright) in its clear and Xotic with the normal channel not bright for sounds more crunch and it sends the paté! Channel!
Note that the tremolo is splendid.


In over 20 years of high I had a lot of amps (fender, marshall, rivera, mesa boogie), I also tried other brands such as orange, the fender blues deluxe, hot rod and company store but I've never felt this musicality. I think the sound is really great, it is something other than Fender series we can try in store. I've had three months and each time it is pure bliss. The clean sound is falling. Side distortion, he accepts my great overdrive Xotic AC booster.

It's expensive for sure but it is a quality not found in the major manufacturers within back 50 years ago. This type of amp is the amp of a life is that we have sought for years ...
If you like the amp with character to the SRV is that there for you.

Finally, the service is impeccable, Marc is a passionate person who answers all your questions and do not hesitate to spend time to give you valuable advice and help you choose what suits you best in its wide range of amps.