Vox AC30 Vintage
Vox AC30 Vintage
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electric lullaby 09/13/2004

Vox AC30 Vintage : electric lullaby's user review


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Mine is a little special, since it is one of the few AC30 TBR: Top Boost Reverb. (Period 69-73)
The mine (this is not the case for all), the addition of reverb the amputation of a starter, which is replaced by the volume control of the reverb.
Unfortunately, I lack the time to block rverb with the springs ... I would supplement this opinion if I had a block fitted with Accutronics or other ...

Otherwise, it features the classic vibrato / tremolo (for the channel of the same name) is really excellent, and the Top Boost (Bass and trimming Trebble for channel gloss), like all post AC30 65.

Finally, each channel at a volume knob, and basta.


3 channels (vib / trem, normal and bright), a volume knob for each channel, two switches for the vib / trem and knobs for the 2 + 1 shiny knob for the reverb ... super easy to use.

Which may confuse those who do not know is the number of entries (5 on mine, it's usually 6), two per channel (not glossy).

This multitude of inputs allows several solutions:
- Connect with others, as in the 60's ...
- Use an AB box or the like to move from one channel to another
- Bridge the channels to be able to mix and use them simultaneously


Me, it leaves me speechless ... One branch, it is sound, and presto, it sounds! You attack the strings gently, clear sound amazing, we support a little more, and it is a crunch of madness. By varying the volume guitar is played on a range of sounds incredible (my guitar has a Gibson 498T, the micro bridge for Les Paul Std)
The sound is really beautiful, but also so easy to controller, just the fingertips ... The slightest variation in the attack is faithfully transmitted ... There is no better amp to transcribe the emotions you want to go through his guitar ...

My effects pedals have become totally useless since I have it, this amp is going totally fireworks, except for the equalizer, because the sound of the AC30 is still quite serious, and also that of my scrapers He had a slight off by boosting the treble.
I use it for a Japanese Boss GE-7, the result is sensational.


When you see the impressive list of artists who have adopted the Vox AC30 for 40 years, you have to say that there is a reason p'tre ... once you play it, you soon realize ...
It had been years since I dreamed of having one, it's now been 15 days since ... is pure happiness, I never would change amp!! I found the sound I have always sought.